Varmt välkommen till Tall Vibes!

Vi erbjuder damskor i stora storlekar samt egentillverkade och köpta kläder specialgjorda för långa kvinnor. Yttre ärm på överdelar är nästan alltid 70cm och benlängden på byxor 36 eller 38 tum.

We offer women's shoes in large sizes, as well as our own line and purchased clothes, fitting tall women. Outer sleeves on the upper parts are almost always 70cm and leg length of trousers 36 or 38 inches. All prices are in Swedish crowns, you pay in this currency. For now only customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland can buy from us, but we are working with translation into English also, so all countries can buy.

News: we will soon offer a new brand in out door fit, exclusively, and have also started to cooperate with a company in England selling shoes in bigger sizes, mostly flats. We are also looking at Italian shoes in a higher prize range so we can offer 3 different qualities.